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Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house

Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house

Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house

Model No.
VPM918112BS VPM918113BS VPM918114BS VPM918116BS VPM918126BS
Full polished marble tiles big size
Carrara white
full polished .porcelain
Water Absorption
Full polished
Random inkjet
Place of Original
Interior wall and floor. exterior wall
Packing Detail
Standar export carton with wooden pallet
interior or outdoor floor ,such as Supermarket, plaza,kitchen, balcony, toilet, lavatory, terrace, washing room, parking lots, garage, patio, Basement, Garden, Laundry, hospital, school, etc.
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Product Details
With a focus on quality, VALENSA pays great attention to the details of full body tile.VALENSA's full body tile is commonly praised in the market due to good materials, fine workmanship, reliable quality, and favorable price.
Product Comparison
full body tile is in line with the stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high. full body tile has the following advantages over other products in the same category.
Company Advantages
1. The design of Valensa Ceramics polished marble tile is reasonable and scientific. The function of washing, chopping, cooking and storing are integrated into this product perfectly.
2. The product is corrosion resistant. It has been treated in the chemical liquid or other chemical processing methods to enhance its anti-corrosion ability.
3. The application of this product in the construction industry continues to help create diversified comfortable living and production environment and to conserve energy.
4. With its reasonable inner structure, the product is robust enough to withstand most of the extreme weather conditions, protecting the building.


Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house-1


Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house-2

 Model No: VPM918112BS    

Size: 90x180cm/36x72' 


Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house-3

   Model No: VPM918113BS

  Size: 90x180cm/36x72'   

Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house-4

   Model No: VPM918114BS  

  Size: 90x180cm/36x72'  

Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house-5

   Model No: VPM918116BS   

  Size: 90x180cm/36x72' 

Valensa Ceramics tiles polished marble tile company for house-6

  Model No: VPM918126BS   

  Size: 90x180cm/36x72' 



Design concept:

    The design of this series of products is derived from the precious marble stone in the Grand Canyon. After thousands of years of sedimentation and accumulation, the natural texture of the cross section is like a poem praising history, such as a landscape painting with a strong artistic conception. Show fine art. When placed in space, the feelings and styles reflected in the space can make people feel relieved for a long time and make the quality of life continue to rise in the pursuit.



Adopt green production methods, from the choice of materials to the recipe, strictly in accordance with high standards, so that the marble tile production, processing, application process more low carbon environmental protection, both to achieve the effect of natural stone, but also to avoid the hazards of natural stone radiation The problem.


Marble tiles continue the art of nature. In the texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects, it fully achieves the vivid effect of natural marble. The texture of the product is even and exquisite, the texture is ever-changing, rich and lustrous, and the decorative effect is even better than natural stone.

Environmental protection

The marble tiles are beneficial to the protection of the ecological and natural environment, allowing more people to enjoy the realistic decorative effect of natural marble while reducing the demand for natural marble, avoiding the adverse effects of mining and processing on the ecological environment, and effectively protecting the natural environment. Saves natural resources.  Plaza wall tile Full polished marble tiles big size


Tiles in the decoration of the space as an exquisitely crafted work of art, can perfectly show all kinds of styles, always emitting stylish, noble, atmospheric temperament. The natural quality of the natural stone texture brings out the luxurious quality of the space, making it even more grand and lively.               

Technical Parameters:

  5D Symphony inkjet technology

Make marble tile's texture, color, texture, touch and other aspects completely reach the realistic effect of natural marble. Let the color layers penetrate into the brick body and adopt international color materials to let the tile pattern show the three-dimensional real beauty.

  Nanocrystalline diamond glazed

In the process, the combination of imported nanocrystalline diamond glazed, network pattern desalination technology, superimposed glaze layer technology and half-body technology is applied. The marble tile excels in practical performance such as waterproof rate, flatness and flexural strength.

  Zero repetition stone texture

Create a zero-repeating stone texture, making each piece of marble tiles unique, showing the beauty of personality; the use of 1280 degrees firing process, so that the marble tiles more flat, super anti-corrosion.

size cmpcs/ctnkg/ctrsqm/ctnctn/plctn/ctrG.W kgctr
60x120239-441.44down 52/30up60027.5tons

Company Features
1. Foshan VALENSA Industry Co., Ltd is an influential professional provider of polished marble tile .
2. marble tiles for sale is exquisitely made by the advanced machines.
3. We strive to continually innovate, improve, and advance manufacturing technologies and methodologies. Our goal is to provide the best results for our customers. We insist on sustainability. To promote safe, secure and sustainable living and working environments, we always apply science-based safety manufacturing. Our goal is to spare no efforts to provide the highest level of products. We are devoted to exploring and developing new worldwide opportunities and corporate with our clients.
I've ordered this grips for my couches. They are secure on the wood floors. Furniture does not slide. I recomened then.
Nothings sliding so I'm good!
Excellent Choice. My lazy boy gradually slide back further and further on my carpet during normal use. I placed one on each back leg/support stopped the creeping and stays put even if I sit on the floor and lean against it. They do not stick to or discolor the carpet - just keep it from slipping back. Great product. I would recommend this to a friend or family member.
These are some tenacious little grippers. Keeps my chairs and couch from sliding on my concrete and wood floors. Even stands up to the constant movement of toddlers and rough sitting technique of teenagers. Five stars for the product construction and 'works as advertised' aspects, three stars for the price = four star rating.
I just ordered for my easy chair. My chair is on hardwood floors and constantly moves but I put these under the chair and now it stays put! They are a bit high in price but well worth it since they do exactly what they should....keep my furniture in place and don't scratch the wood floors! I'm extremely happy!!
These work very well. I wasn't exactly sure which side goes on the floor and which goes up, and that wasn't stated on the package, but I guessed from one of the photos that the lighter side goes down and the gray side is up.
We recently removed the carpet in our bedroom and laid hardwood, laminate flooring. Our bed was sliding around all over the place! So I purchased these to give them a try. They work great! "installation" was easy, no glue! So our floor and furniture won't be ruined. My husband lifted the bed frame and I placed a little square on the floor and he set the bed on top of it. Our bed has not moved an inch since, no matter how hard we try ;)
These are amazing!! My couch is in hardwoods and would slip and slide all over the place when you would sit down. These keep it in one place. You could even do a running jump on it and it wouldn’t budge!!! Best purchase ever!
Our sectional was slipping and sliding on the hardwood floors. After reading the reviews, it seemed like Dura-Grip was the answer. We purchased the 2" grips. Although the grip does not cover the entire bottom of each sofa foot, it worked like a charm. Our sectional has not moved since. The trickiest part was placement under the sofa, along the back corner wall...but it all came together.
I am using these Dura-Grips for a large 2.5" x 7' mirror. It is monstrous. It sits on my laminate flooring. I've tried various ways to help this mirror lean against the wall without having it gradually slip - these 2" squares are accconplishing that. I used 5 of the 2" squares along the base of the mirror - about every 6" or so. It does raise the mirror off the floor a little, and my only concern isn't that there will be dust accumulation in between each square.
We have tried several different grippy furniture pads under our couch, and none of them kept the couch in place. With two small children, the couch was always moving as they climb on and off. These are incredible! They are the same n both sides- no sticky backs, just a soft rubbery like coating on each side. They are kind of puffy, so they squish down under the couch legs, and they can be cut to size. They do gather lint (which all of our furniture pads seem to do on our wood floors), so a lint roller is a must every week to so to keep them tidy.
I have ceramic tile in my family room which leads to a constant battle of moving the couch back after it has slid out of place. These have stood up against toddlers constantly jumping on the couch and I'm very happy with how well they keep the furniture from moving. While they aren't he most decorative and look a lot like think carpet padding I never notice they are there unless I lay on he floor and look under my couch. Overall I'm very happy with these and hey work great on tile.
These things are not packaged to impress, but functionally they are the best thing I have come across to keep our family room sofa and chaise lounge from staying put on our hardwood floors and not sliding apart. Love them and would highly recommend. No sticky residue...they're not stickers so if you 'miss' you can easily slide them over so they are under the center of each of your furniture's legs. Simple but great product.
I'm absolutely thrilled at how well these grips work. They not only protect the floor from scratches but they keep the furniture in place. I would cringe each time a family member (Who love to plop themselves down onto the couch and the stuffed chairs) would take a seat. I could see the scratches as the chairs slid backwards over the hardwood floor. And there were also the "dents" that would press into the back of the uphostery from the chairs being pushed against the table. (Drove me crazy) Now, even with 200 pounds of force dropping onto the couch, the furnitures stays where I want it. Life is good!
These are AMAZING. I've used the same type of product that I bought from Target before and those were the worst. I didn't think anything would keep my light couch from moving around my hardwood floors, but these did the trick! They come as huge squares, but I ended up ripping them in half (like cutting a bagel in half) and using them and it still works great. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be doing that and the "staying power" isn't as strong, but it works for me!
I bought the 2x2 size and should have measured them as they were smaller than I anticipated, but for the sofa they are really all you need. They did the trick of keeping the sofa from sliding on hardwood floors. We just started using them, so can't comment on more.
I saw how amazing the reviews were on these and that's actually what made measy purchase them. BUT I'm gonna give you an honest review. They're pretty good the keep my hardwood floors safe stop my couches from pushing back. I have a love seat that rocks and reclines and also a couch that reclines. I do find myself having to push my love seat forward once every 2 1/2 weeks but still it's better than having nothing under them and them always pushing back. So I give it a 4 stars.
I am amazed at these little pads! Read some reviews and decided to take a chance on these things and we put them under the couch and it won't budge! We have hardwood floors and the couch would move so easily before. After slipping these under the legs, we can sit on the couch with no movement! We even sit on the floor in front of the couch and lean back and the couch still does not move. We were leery of the price, but found them well worth it!
These things work really well on a hardwood floor. You will have a hard time forcing it to slide.
I was delighted to find such nice large floor protective, slip proof pads for my living room. They do the job well and against the hardwood floors are inconspicuous.
Work great
Last spring we purchased a chair for our family room which has hardwood floors. The chair "floats" in the room and doesn't have a wall behind it. Due to this, it moved every time we sat down in it. It was constantly sliding backwards and beginning to ding the window casing nearby and mark the floor. We tried many tips and tricks to stop the chair from moving...nothing worked. We finally decided to just not sit in the chair and save the floor and window from getting marked up. I read about these online and decided to give them a try. We put them under the feet a month ago and the chair has not moved an inch!!!! I absolutely cannot say enough nice things about these wonder pads. They are definitely worth the price!
These didn't look like much but my wooden coffee table hasn't moved an inch in weeks on my tile floor when I lay my feet on the table all the time. Occasionally I'll adjust them especially if I want to move my coffee table closer to myself to eat or write on, but otherwise they don't move and neither does the table.
These both quieted and immobilized two 110" low couches (on hardwood) that used to slide back every time someone sat in them
Work great. My dog can't move the couch anymore
Works as advertised. Really grabs the floor, provides protection. I'll probably grab the giant one for a recliner at some point.
Just what we needed and even though we couldn't reach two legs of the 8 (against the wall) we've had no problems since w/ the sectional couch moving apart on the hardwood floor!
Needed something to stop our couch from moving on the hardwood floors from the twins & this did the trick. Furniture will not move now. These are perfect!
Excellent! Nothing moves...
I tried everything to get my couch to stop sliding on the wood floors! Nothing worked until this. I was skeptical of the reviews but desperate. Fortunately these pads lived up to the hype and my couch doesn't end up moving anymore whenever I sit on it. Yay!
They work great and don't move.
These have a deceiving look as they don't look like they do much but they work very well. We use them to keep our furniture stable on hardwood floors and they work great.
Worked good to keep our couch from sliding on our hard wood floors.
These are amazing at holding furniture in place on a hardwood floor. And the best part is we didn't have to adhere anything to the floor or our furniture like other products.
These work ridiculously well. I was skeptical when I ordered, skeptical when I received them, but once they were under my bed and couch I'm a believer.
Bought in 2012. Expensive but come in handy. Old house with here and there slightly uneven flooring spots. Stops the rock. I still like them in Feb. 2016.
Placed these under our couch after all the glue-on/sticky pads kept coming off, allowing it to scratch the HW floors. They stay under the couch and make it all but impossible to shift or move.
work very well.
The couches stay put, period. And I got three kids under 13.
Purchased these after reading the reviews. We purchased a new sofa after we installed new hardwood flooring and did not want the sofa to slide across the floor and scratch the new floors. We put these under the sofa and the sofa has not budged once since and our kids throw themselves on the sofa. These are absolutly worth every penny.
This product works great. I was at my wits end with my furniture constantly sliding on our hard wood. I put one of these under each leg of our couch and love seat and our sliding issues are over.
Very effective at keeping our heavy sectionals in place on our tile floors.
I bought these for a sectional couch, both to keep it from moving around and also to protect our floor. They work perfectly. The couch doesn't move at all, so the pieces stay put and no floor scratches. I wish I'd known about these years ago!
Arrived promptly, works great. My love seat does not move now on my wood floors.
I bought this for my sectional sofa and because the color is gray it looks better that the lighter color that they put in when they deliver the sofa... and it keeps my sofa always in place...
We tried everything we could think of to keep our couch and sectional from moving on our hardwood floors and these DURA-GRIP's finally did the trick!
These work pretty great even with kids running and jumping on furniture
excellent product
I had about given up on my furniture placement because I could not keep the chairs that are placed on the wooden floor to stay in place. A person would sit down and the chair would scoot across the floor. With these floor pads, no more slipping and sliding. You really have to look for them to see them under the legs of the chairs. What a wonderful product!
These grips really work. After putting down hard wood flooring, my furniture was all over the place. When my dogs would bump into the furniture, it was moved real easy. Once we put the Dura Grip on, the furniture no longer moved. Even with bumping into it, it goes NO WHERE. I would definitely recommend these Dura Grips to anyone who wants to stop furniture from moving.
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