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Plaza floor dark color of  Full polished marble tiles  Dark color   VPM6187HB  VP65009D VP65010JL VP3009JL -60x60 80x80 100x100c

Plaza floor dark color of Full polished marble tiles Dark color VPM6187HB VP65009D VP65010JL VP3009JL -60x60 80x80 100x100c

Model No.
VPM6187HB VP65009D VP65010JL VP3009JL
60x60 80x80 100x100cm/ 24x24' 32x32' 40x40'
Full polished marble tiles dark color
dark coffee/Light coffee
full polished .porcelain
Water Absorption
Full polished
fixed inkjet
Place of Original
Interior wall and floor. exterior wall
Packing Detail
Standar export carton with wooden pallet
interior or outdoor floor ,such as Supermarket, plaza,kitchen, balcony, toilet, lavatory, terrace, washing room, parking lots, garage, patio, Basement, Garden, Laundry, hospital, school, etc.

Design concept:

The design of this series of products is derived from the precious marble stone in the Grand Canyon. After thousands of years of sedimentation and accumulation, the natural texture of the cross section is like a poem praising history, such as a landscape painting with a strong artistic conception. Show fine art. When placed in space, the feelings and styles reflected in the space can make people feel relieved for a long time and make the quality of life continue to rise in the pursuit.


Model No: VP65009D

Size:60x60 80x80 100x100cm/ 24x24' 32x32' 40x40'


Model No: VP65010JL

Size:60x60 80x80 100x100cm/ 24x24' 32x32' 40x40'



Adopt green production methods, from the choice of materials to the recipe, strictly in accordance with high standards, so that the marble tile production, processing, application process more low carbon environmental protection, both to achieve the effect of natural stone, but also to avoid the hazards of natural stone radiation The problem.


Marble tiles continue the art of nature. In the texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects, it fully achieves the vivid effect of natural marble. The texture of the product is even and exquisite, the texture is ever-changing, rich and lustrous, and the decorative effect is even better than natural stone.

Environmental protection

The marble tiles are beneficial to the protection of the ecological and natural environment, allowing more people to enjoy the realistic decorative effect of natural marble while reducing the demand for natural marble, avoiding the adverse effects of mining and processing on the ecological environment, and effectively protecting the natural environment. Saves natural resources.


Tiles in the decoration of the space as an exquisitely crafted work of art, can perfectly show all kinds of styles, always emitting stylish, noble, atmospheric temperament. The natural quality of the natural stone texture brings out the luxurious quality of the space, making it even more grand and lively.


   Model No: VPM6187HB       

 Size:60x60 80x80 100x100cm/ 24x24' 32x32' 40x40'

Model No: VP3009JL

Size:60x60 80x80 100x100cm/ 24x24' 32x32' 40x40'

Technical Parameters:

  5D Symphony inkjet technology

Make marble tile's texture, color, texture, touch and other aspects completely reach the realistic effect of natural marble. Let the color layers penetrate into the brick body and adopt international color materials to let the tile pattern show the three-dimensional real beauty.

  Nanocrystalline diamond glazed

In the process, the combination of imported nanocrystalline diamond glazed, network pattern desalination technology, superimposed glaze layer technology and half-body technology is applied. The marble tile excels in practical performance such as waterproof rate, flatness and flexural strength.

  Zero repetition stone texture

Create a zero-repeating stone texture, making each piece of marble tiles unique, showing the beauty of personality; the use of 1280 degrees firing process, so that the marble tiles more flat, super anti-corrosion.

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60x120239-441.44down 52/30up60027.5tons
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