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Hyatt  Grey MARBLE TILES Full body Marble tiles    VDLS1261720YJT   60X120cm/24x48'

Hyatt Grey MARBLE TILES Full body Marble tiles VDLS1261720YJT 60X120cm/24x48'

Model No.
Full polished with full body marble tiles
white/beige/light grey/dark grey/brown/red/black/
full polished .full body.porcelain
Water Absorption
full polished
Place of Original
Interior wall and floor. exterior wall
Packing Detail
Standar export carton with wooden pallet
interior or outdoor floor ,such as Supermarket, plaza,kitchen, balcony, toilet, lavatory, terrace, washing room, parking lots, garage, patio, Basement, Garden, Laundry, hospital, school, etc.


 Design concept:


     With precious natural stone material, the depth reduction rare marble texture, product lines clear natural, rendering lifelike stone effect;Connect body fabric technology and three-dimensional combination of mixed color shading technology, make the body closer to the natural stone texture, realized the full connect body of its excellent texture, and reproduce true stone.




   VDLS1261720YJT   60X120cm/24x48'

Hyatt  Grey

        From the Philippines hyatt Grey, the product texture is bold and unrestrained atmosphere, as if in the lofty sentiments of myriad, breeding and feelings from the uncommon layer is classic architecture, its vicissitudes witness the extraordinary history, former glory. Hyatt ash to our space added a colorful mood.In the furniture of colour profusion, hyatt grey into the home of a leisurely and comfortable, unique and shallots.

Process features:

1, Dry blending technology
 Through the adoption of new dry coloring of environmental protection equipment and 3 d printing color mixture technology form the colored tile, put an end to the colored tile pollution household space.

2, Body texture decoration
 Control of carve patterns or designs on woodwork with professional cloth roller, make the body form the texture design in advance.

3, High-tech glaze decoration
 Laser system network, multifaceted jump and glaze layer overlay technology perfect combination with digital penetration ink.

4,Realistic appearance, and 1:1 draw materials
Implementation of ceramic tile, more closer to the ceramic tile and natural distance, perfect effect, wall in a body, can do anything.

   Hyatt  Grey MARBLE TILES Full body Marble tiles    VDLS1261720YJT   60X120cm/24x48'


1,Use a wider range

     According to the needs of modern consumers, the application space of large-size tiles has received more and more attention. From the early use of interior wall and floor coverings to the use of curtain wall decoration materials, they are now rapidly entering kitchen and bathroom spaces and countertop decorative materials. And other daily home renovations.

  2, Realistic restore natural texture

     With large size tiles, the beauty of the stone texture can be fully displayed on a brick, highlighting the natural texture of the stone, restoring the simple and generous space, and the effect of the overall space texture pattern that has been renovated is more complete and three-dimensional. The details reflected by the brick surface are also More abundant!

  3,To avoid filth

     "Seamless linking" is the most obvious feature of large slab tiles that distinguish them from conventional tiles. At the moment when everyone is pursuing simplicity, the large-size tiled floor can minimize the traces of the collage and add points to the simplicity of the space. The feature of leaving less seams can also reduce filth and make cleaning and maintenance easier.

  4,Cutting free more specifications rich

      The innovation of inkjet printing technology has also brought new vitality to large-size tiles, and the brick surface pattern has become more and more colorful. For good designers, large-size tiles are more like a piece of fabric that can be tailored to their design needs. After cutting, edging, grooving and other deep processing tiles have a more design sense, providing designers with a broader design space.

  5,More decorative effect of high-end

    Compared with ordinary tiles, there are better decorative effects, more natural textures, and no need to leave all kinds of advantages. Large-size brick tiles give people a feeling of extension and expansion, which makes the space more open because of the single-chip area. Large, can carry more texture elements, so the decorative effect is more high-end fashion.

Technical Parameters:

1,  Dry mixing technology

    Through the use of new environmentally friendly dry coloring equipment and three-dimensional printing color mixing technology to form a colored tile body. to eliminate the color bodypollution home space.

2,  Tile body’s texture decoration

    The control of the embossing roller with a professional cloth makes the tile body form a pre-designed texture.

3, High-tech glazed decoration

    Laser network, multi-faced jump and glaze layer superposition technology and digital infiltration ink perfectly combine.

4, Realism, 1:1 drawing

    Achieve the same as the tile surface, closer to the distance between the tile and the natural, whole body effect, one wall and one can not be anything.

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60x120239-441.44down 52/30up60027.5tons
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